These Lies

(remembered how)

The song is These Lies. Recorded a couple of months back, on the "good" (not in bits) 234. I think, from memory, drums was a simple 3 mic setup, (that'll I'll write about sometime) to tracks 1 2 & 3, and then they were bounced while the guitar part was played all to track 4, which left 1 2 & 3 for bass, vocals, and the.... wait... that can't be right because the drums are stereo, so I must have bounced it to two tracks?... or... I really can't remember.

What I can say is about the video: I've only recently discovered the possibilities of this little Fuji Finepix picture camera I have. It's a early generation digital camera (maybe 10years old?) with a whopping 2 mega pixels. In video mode it will record 30 sec of 340x340 "film".

There are two things I really like about it. It has a proper viewfinder, and it has an odd macro mode, that along with it's limited 2mega pixels will let you get things wonderfully out of focus, which "better" cheap autofocus cameras with higher resolution, better exposure adjustment etc, simply will not do.

In short it's opposite of what the Tascam 234 was in it's day: It's a pretty crap camera. But in the same way people can like the nature of a lofi distorted recording, I think this camera produces interesting video. Additionally the 30sec limit on shots gives you a certain inforced restraint in what you can and can't do.

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