234 + 234 = syncaset(ed)

Ludicrously the blog continues.

I say continues, but this post is actually a small diversion away from all things 234, to mull over what amounts to several lost passwords & email accounts, and multiple created google/blogger accounts, all to finally, belatedly, exhaustedly return.

I think, in review; there is now this account under user id xxxxxxxx, and then there is a mylastsyncaset account, to which, (somehow?) the blog is not attached, but a youtube account is.

How did we get were we've gotten? I used to be good at this stuff. I used to draw, i used to play music, i used to be smart at computer stuffs. Anyway.

Anyway. I see a couple of people found the blog. Hello. Now I'm back I have videos and music and words to post. (Shortly). Actually can you embed youtube here? I know you can upload, but yeah... I'll work it out.

Sync the damn cassettes, or something.

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